Wednesday, January 5, 2011

here I am :)

True, I haven't been here for few days, but I'm keeping my promise :) It's funny, few years ago I was a regular blogger. I blogged for three years, almost everyday. I even started to think in form of posts and I used to find inspiration everywhere. But, since my country is pretty small, and back then the bloggers society was not so big, I got frightened of reckognition (since I wrote about daily events and my thoughts), so I stopped writing. But, here I am, back again :)

Anyway, I've been trying to build some kind of yoga society here in my small town. Not working quite as I planned. I moved from a big city a year ago, and still havent found either a job or a decent circle of friends. And no, I am not an anti-social person. Quite the opposite, in fact. Luckily, my homwtown is near, so I go home once in two weeks to get my yoga refill in my favourite studio and few cups od coffie with my friends.

But, back to yoga. Regarding the circumstances, I opened a yoga studio (since there is none here). But, the problem is that people ask, they write e-mails and even call on the phone for some information, and they say they'll come. But, no one does. So, now I am getting a bit worried. How do I attrack people and make them see how yoga is beautiful?? Do you have some idea??

P.S: My studio is's a glance.


  1. Hello! :)

    Perhaps you could do a housewarming/studiowarming w/goodies and a free class. It's hard for people to pass up FREE things and with the lovely space you have, hopefully a percentage of them will return to pay for additional classes.

  2. yeah, i already have free classes th first time they come...but, i am happy now, i five people came to class yesterday, so i think things are slowly getting better :)