Friday, January 7, 2011

jealous yogini

I am looking at Yoga Journal's facebook post about choosing the best yoga town in USA and I have to admit I'm getting a bit jealous. I see people from all over America and Canada writing about cities they live in and their yoga communities...Ok, I know for the big cities, but I am surprised to realize that in the towns with population of only 5.000 people exist such strong yoga communities.

I wish Europe could look up to it...I live in a town of about 30.000 people in which does not exist a yoga studio (i know about 5 people that are sometimes gathering to practice ashtanga yoga), and the city i opened my studio in is few kilometers away and with a population of 50.000 people. My studio is the first one there - only if you go to big cities you can find different yoga studios, and that makes me very sad. I find it comforting being surrounded with people that practice yoga, having a teacher that can help you in deepening your practice, correcting your mistakes and inspiring you in having a better yoga practice and being a better person. And that is what I miss here. Hopefully, with my studio I will develop a tiny yoga community and help in spreading yoga in my country :)

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