Wednesday, December 22, 2010

world's worst yogini


Ok. I know I didn't keep my promise about writing regulary, but it's gonna change. As one of my yoga teachers suggested, this year (the year I'm learning about yoga and attending my teacher training) is gonna be a year only for me. As I dont write my journal as I should, this will be my way of keeping notes.

First, few things about me and yoga:
  •  I am extremly lazy when it comes to self-practice...I love to practice, I really do. But aduring my dancing days I got used to having people around me while practicing and it feels weird doing it at home, alone, with no one to tell me if I do my positions the right way. So, as in my TT I have to develop self-pracite, I'va managed to do it max 2-3 times per week. I know, I'm a poor yogini :(
  • The thing that kept me in yoga is the way that you always have something to aspire to. And the feeling when you do the position you haven't done before is like a drug to me
  • I like the way yoga made me more self-concious...although I think I am still at the beginning of my yoga path, i've already felt some improvements. 
  • Meditation - for me, it's the worst thing. Or is it the chanting? I dunno....Every time I try to meditate, I become nervous. No matter how many times I try, it just doesnt work for me. And chanting - me singing in front of the people, no way. Om is just fine :)
  • Not a vegetarian, not a vegan. As much as most of the yoginis avoid meat, I have to say it I love it. Junk food included.
So, considering all of the above, I might just be a worlds worst yogini...But I don't care. And nobody else should, because that's the true beauty of yoga - it is what you want it to be :)