Wednesday, December 22, 2010

world's worst yogini


Ok. I know I didn't keep my promise about writing regulary, but it's gonna change. As one of my yoga teachers suggested, this year (the year I'm learning about yoga and attending my teacher training) is gonna be a year only for me. As I dont write my journal as I should, this will be my way of keeping notes.

First, few things about me and yoga:
  •  I am extremly lazy when it comes to self-practice...I love to practice, I really do. But aduring my dancing days I got used to having people around me while practicing and it feels weird doing it at home, alone, with no one to tell me if I do my positions the right way. So, as in my TT I have to develop self-pracite, I'va managed to do it max 2-3 times per week. I know, I'm a poor yogini :(
  • The thing that kept me in yoga is the way that you always have something to aspire to. And the feeling when you do the position you haven't done before is like a drug to me
  • I like the way yoga made me more self-concious...although I think I am still at the beginning of my yoga path, i've already felt some improvements. 
  • Meditation - for me, it's the worst thing. Or is it the chanting? I dunno....Every time I try to meditate, I become nervous. No matter how many times I try, it just doesnt work for me. And chanting - me singing in front of the people, no way. Om is just fine :)
  • Not a vegetarian, not a vegan. As much as most of the yoginis avoid meat, I have to say it I love it. Junk food included.
So, considering all of the above, I might just be a worlds worst yogini...But I don't care. And nobody else should, because that's the true beauty of yoga - it is what you want it to be :)

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    new beginning

    Ok, I admit, I have been a bit lazy last few months, but with my exams and job hunting going on, I really hadn't had time to think about writing. But, things are changing now...Last month I engaged in Yoga Teacher Training at in yoga studio I've been going to for the last few years and I promised to take this year just for myself, for thinking about things that i want from life, things that i love and things i want to change. And part of that process includes adn writing this blog :)

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    the anniversary

    Well, the 10th anniversary went good...considering some of the people live in the USA, some are somewhere in Europe, some all through our country, 15 people out of 38 came. But it was a fun night. Although some are married, some have children, meeting them felt like being  back in school...Old memories came out, old nicknames too...It is interesting, some people hardly waited to come out of high school just to get rid of the stupid nicknames and roles they played and now it all comes back :) But, now those nicknames are funny and people accept them with smile because they remind them of the simple life that they had back then, when the worst fear was the one of getting the bad grades or  laughed at in the class.
    I just love those meet-ups. Somehow, now we're all happy to see each other, we talk more and feel connected in some level, even with people we didnt love so much back then. One of our classmates said something nice that really touched me, he said that he is very proud for having all of us as his classmates, because we all came out sucessful, good people and true friends that somebody can rely on.

    Here is a little photo, ist just a small part of the group, but its me on it :))

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    10-year graduation party

    Time is passing so quick....Next week we're having a 10 year graduation party...I mean, 10 years????
    When I was finishing high school, I thought that in 10 years I will be some succesful young woman, dressing fancy, having my own appartment...And look at me; siting in my PJs at noon, home, by the computer...
    Sure, I had it all...time of studying, time of parties (and I mean, really good parties), time of boyfriend break-ups and make-ups (hell, a lot of them), time of travelling (hopefully, not over), time of getting my career where it should be...and, how did I get here??? That's a long story...maybe I'll write it down soon.
    But anyway, although half of the people won't be able to make it to the graduation party, I hope it will be as good as the 5th one...I had so much fun that night, probably got to know people from my class way more than in 4 years we spent together..So, I hope this one will be as good as that one Only probably with more baby talk, since most of them have children already :))

    Friday, March 19, 2010


    Watched Lost yesterday, had to catch up....Although I am currently following way too much TV series (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Private practice, HIMYM and Lost), Lost fever hasnt stopped yet. I mean, who can resist half naked men wondering around the beach all the time?? But thats not all...despite Sawyer and his comments being my favourite on the show (who can resist a bad guy with a good heart, his sexy look and dirty mind, LOL), I find some comfort in looking them all stumble acros that island for 6th season already (read: other men are also not bad at all, heheh). It had some ups and downs, but still, its gotten to be one of my top 10 series all the time.

    And when it ends...maybe I'll start from the begginig :))

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    weekend getaway

    Had a bit of a trip for a weekend. My boyfriend had some work to do down at the coast, so we decided to go together and visit some friends. It was so relaxing, just walking by the sea, drinking coffie in the sunny terrace and breathing in the special scent of small coastal towns. Although it was just for a day and a half, I had a feeling we were there for at least four days. Its interesting how just a little getaway can make you feel so fresh and happy again. It was also nice hanging with old friends. Although they are the two most work addicted and devoted people I know, still we had a laugh on academic life and costant learning you're forced to do when you're in that fields.

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    what makes you happy?

    Since I have been feeling pretty down last few months, I've started a therapy on myself. I think about the things that maje me happy and I'm really trying to think of myself as a happy person. So, here are some of the things that make me smile, bring me joy and make me happy...what about you?
    -  hot cup of coffie early in the morning (if the occasion allows, with my boyfriend)ine
    -  a girls talk
    -  casual afternoon sitting outdoors reading a magazine
    -  dancing the night away
    -  good-mornig and good-night kisses from my darling
    -  summer holidays....everything about them (swimming, sunbathing, evening walks by the sea,  cocktails...)
    -  travelling
    -  sunny days when it's enough just to walk outside and feel the sun on your skin
    -  ice-cream and cakes (it always works...especially the ice-cream)
    -  a good workout after which you feel so tired, but your body feels soo good :)
    -  getting a small gift of a surprise
    -  reading a really good book
    -  watching my favourite tv show with a glass of wine and snack
    -  family gatherings (but not if they're too often)
    -  when he looks at me like I'm the only girl in the world
    -  pets (especially my weird persian kitty)
    -  just hangin' out with my girls
    -  bithdays
    -  singing with my favourite tunes

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    I'm still trying to make my blog the way I want it to be...Since I'm not into web design, I'm finding it pretty hard, so untill I get some help, it'll have to stay this way.
    Anyway, today is just an ordinary day like any other. Lately my everyday routine is - morning coffie and Internet, little cleaning up, preparing lunch, a bit of rest, then TV and going to sleep. I feel like all the days have melted into one...have to find a job as soon as possible!

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    The beginning

    Ok...this is a start. Maybe a start of a new adventure...I used to write a blog before, but stopped for the lack of time and will. And now I have again both. So, inspired with miss Ree from, I decided to give it a one more shot.
    Maybe it will be a way to find my own path again.