Friday, March 19, 2010


Watched Lost yesterday, had to catch up....Although I am currently following way too much TV series (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Private practice, HIMYM and Lost), Lost fever hasnt stopped yet. I mean, who can resist half naked men wondering around the beach all the time?? But thats not all...despite Sawyer and his comments being my favourite on the show (who can resist a bad guy with a good heart, his sexy look and dirty mind, LOL), I find some comfort in looking them all stumble acros that island for 6th season already (read: other men are also not bad at all, heheh). It had some ups and downs, but still, its gotten to be one of my top 10 series all the time.

And when it ends...maybe I'll start from the begginig :))

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

weekend getaway

Had a bit of a trip for a weekend. My boyfriend had some work to do down at the coast, so we decided to go together and visit some friends. It was so relaxing, just walking by the sea, drinking coffie in the sunny terrace and breathing in the special scent of small coastal towns. Although it was just for a day and a half, I had a feeling we were there for at least four days. Its interesting how just a little getaway can make you feel so fresh and happy again. It was also nice hanging with old friends. Although they are the two most work addicted and devoted people I know, still we had a laugh on academic life and costant learning you're forced to do when you're in that fields.