Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the anniversary

Well, the 10th anniversary went good...considering some of the people live in the USA, some are somewhere in Europe, some all through our country, 15 people out of 38 came. But it was a fun night. Although some are married, some have children, meeting them felt like being  back in school...Old memories came out, old nicknames too...It is interesting, some people hardly waited to come out of high school just to get rid of the stupid nicknames and roles they played and now it all comes back :) But, now those nicknames are funny and people accept them with smile because they remind them of the simple life that they had back then, when the worst fear was the one of getting the bad grades or  laughed at in the class.
I just love those meet-ups. Somehow, now we're all happy to see each other, we talk more and feel connected in some level, even with people we didnt love so much back then. One of our classmates said something nice that really touched me, he said that he is very proud for having all of us as his classmates, because we all came out sucessful, good people and true friends that somebody can rely on.

Here is a little photo, ist just a small part of the group, but its me on it :))

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